Yes. We can fabricate all types of custom rugs as well as make alterations to existing rugs. Almost anything is possible!
You can bring in the rug or have us pick it up. When you bring it in (or we pick it up) we will ask you the size and shape that you would like the rug cut to.  We offer a various finishing options such as serging, fringing, binding and wide binding.  We also carry leather options.  Come see us and we would be happy to show you what we have available.  The cutting and binding process takes a week or less and we will call you when it is done.
Yes. We always do two things: we apply a wool treatment to protect the rug from carpet moths and we wrap the rug in paper so it can breathe while in storage.
We can help you decide what kind of pad you need and custom cut it to fit your rug.  Ask about our 30 day, no risk guarantee.
Yes, we sell a variety of rug pads, each designed for specific situations.
In many cases, yes we can. Call one of our specialists at (901) 278-3704 for more information on what we can do to help repair the problem.
Yes. We do stock several types of fringe that we can use on your rug. We can also remove fringe completely and finish the ends so that they look similar to the sides of the rug.
We are very successful in removing odors from your rug. However, some urine stains may be permanent.
As a courtesy to you, we offer pick-up and delivery on designated days. We have a variety of different sized trucks that can accommodate all different sizes of rugs.
At this point, unless the rug is in front of us, we can only give you ballpark prices. Call one of our specialists at (901) 278-3704 and we can work with you to determine an approximate range of pricing to expect. Be sure to ask us about our cash-and-carry discount.
Typically, only one week or less for cleaning. If repairs or odor removal are to be done, an additional week is required.
We have many different ways to clean oriental rugs based upon their composition and condition. Most go through a dry soil extraction process first to remove as much dirt and grit as possible. This is then followed by a light shampoo and a thorough rinsing process in our flat bed mermerized wash machine. Those having fabric protection applied will have it done at this point in the process. Once clean, the rugs go into our state-of-the-art dry room where we can dry a whole room full of rugs in 4-6 hours. From there, they are taken down and inspected. After that, the fringe is examined and hand cleaned as necessary.
No. For the best and safest cleaning all area rugs are brought to our plant for cleaning.
This is a common occurrence in hand made rugs and is referred to as "abrash". This is mainly caused by a change in the dye lot. When the rug is woven, the weavers will usually dye the wool when it is needed. Occasionally the colors will be slightly different and this will cause "abrash".
If it is properly cared for and cleaned periodically a good quality rug will last for generations.
Most Oriental rugs get their names from their country or city of origin.
Oriental rugs can be a good investment Most rugs are one of a kind. Some rugs are programmed, meaning that they come in the same design in a variety of sizes. Rugs will outlast most other types of floor covering. Low maintenance. Many different sizes, shapes, and colors. Portability – Rugs can be moved from one room to another with relative ease when it's time to redecorate. Rugs are better for your health than most carpeting. Wool is a natural fiber and doesn't contain chemicals that can be found in carpet.
We recommend having a pad under rugs on all hard surfaces. A pad will increase the life of your rug and make it more comfortable to walk on. It will also keep it from sliding around on the floor. We also carry pad for rugs on top of carpet.
We clean all types of area rugs. We can treat rugs for pet odors, moths, and mildew. If you have any cleaning questions or concerns feel free to call us at (901) 278-3704.
Immediate attention should be given. Remove as much of the spot as possible by blotting with a clean rag or paper towel. One cup of cold water mixed with a teaspoon of a mild detergent (Dove or Ivory dish washing soaps work well), can be used for most spots. White vinegar and water mixed equally can be applied on pet urine spots. This will help neutralize the spot before it sets in. Avoid using any store purchased carpet-cleaning products. They are generally meant to clean synthetic materials and may have an adverse effect on wool rugs.

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